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Dermatologists in La Mesa explain mole removal treatment cost and reviews

Moles can be removed for cosmetic reasons.

Not all moles are cancerous or dangerous. Large, dark, or bumpy moles or ones that are on a visible part of the body may be considered for mole removal. If you have a mole that is unsightly or bothersome, contact the Board-Certified dermatologists at Grossmont Dermatology in La Mesa, CA for mole treatment. Mole removal options Moles can be removed using different methods to gain a more cosmetically appealing appearance. The mole removal costs and reviews give advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. The price depends upon the size, shape, and location. Costs may include: Shaving Excising Pathology   Using … Continue reading

La Mesa, CA dermatologist answers questions about mole removal

Dr. Christopher Crosby at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic answers questions about mole removal.

Almost everyone will have a mole at some time during their lives. Some people choose to have moles removed for cosmetic reasons, while others do so at the recommendation of a dermatologist. Many have questions about this procedure. Our Board-certified dermatologists at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic in La Mesa, CA answers common concerns about mole removal. Are all moles dangerous?  Only a small percentage of moles are cancerous. You are at higher risk if you have many large, dark moles and a family history of skin cancer, but any single mole can be cancerous. Plus, it is difficult for someone … Continue reading

La Mesa area dermatologists describe mole removal

La Mesa area dermatologists describe mole removal

Moles, also called “nevi,” are extremely common. It is not unusual for patients to have anywhere from 10-40 moles on their body. In most instances, they are nothing to worry about. However, when they begin to change, it may be a sign of possible skin cancer. It is essential that patients pay close attention to their moles and watch for any changes. Those who have moles that are growing, itching, or bleeding may want to learn about mole removal. La Mesa dermatologists, Dr. Dean, Dr. Bushman, Dr. Goskowicz, Dr. Crosby and Dr. Shinko Lin can help. Skin Examinations Skin cancer … Continue reading

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