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Laser Skin Treatments Can Improve Skin Texture and Tone for a Renewed Glow

Laser Skin Treatments

Laser technologies can improve or eliminate many skin concerns, whether age-related imperfections or some medical conditions. At Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic and Skin Cancer Treatment Center, we offer various laser treatments ranging from gentle to intensive. These procedures work to stimulate your body to repair the tissues for an even skin tone and smooth texture.  What Can Laser Skin Treatments Do?  Laser skin resurfacing can improve skin imperfections brown such as, pigmentation, acne scars, age spots, laxity, redness and in some cases, even stretch marks. Laser treatments typically don’t require significant downtime (unless they are intensive), and the number of … Continue reading

When the Masks Come Off: How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Before a Post-Vaccine World

Grossmont Dermatology patient receives facial treatment

After an extended COVID-19 break, the world is starting to open up again. While we are still some time away from being able to ditch masks entirely, the opportunity to make some modest adjustments to your face before showing it off in public is here. At Grossmont Dermatology, we have several non-surgical procedures that can help you look great in this post-vaccine world: Dermal Fillers If you are like many of our patients, you may have always been curious about what fillers could do for your face, but hesitate out of a fear that your colleagues may “notice.” Now, however, … Continue reading

Laser skin resurfacing treatments available in La Mesa, CA

Laser Skin Treatment in La Mesa CA area

Enhancing the skin’s texture and tone is essential when patients are interested in improving the skin’s appearance. In situations such as this, patients will often benefit from laser skin resurfacing treatment. The doctors at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Center in La Mesa, CA are pleased to offer patients ways to improve their skin’s health and beauty. With laser treatments, patients can stimulate new skin cells, tighten their skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our team of professionals can guide you through how laser treatment can be used in improving your look while providing that healthy, youthful glow! … Continue reading

Laser skin resurfacing can treat poor texture and tone of aging skin in La Mesa, CA area patients

Laser Skin Resurfacing in La Mesa CA area

Even when we take care of our skin day in and day out, it is still exposed to the daily elements. Over time, the skin can become dull, discolored, and exhibit poor texture and tone. Some environmental concerns, including sun exposure, can also cause early aging skin. La Mesa, CA area patients who are considering ways to enhance their skin and combat the elements are encouraged to ask their doctor about laser skin resurfacing treatments at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic. What is laser skin resurfacing? Poor texture and tone of the skin can cause it to look dull, tired, and … Continue reading

La Mesa CA residents discover the unique benefits of advanced laser skin treatment

Benefits of Laser Skin Treatments in La Mesa CA area

Laser skin resurfacing has long been a go-to treatment for correcting signs of aging, sun damage, and much more. Furthermore, this wonderful technique keeps getting better as technology advances. Here at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic we have a suite of advanced lasers so that you can enjoy the benefits of powerful skin rejuvenation, with minimal to no downtime. Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) Age spots and sun damage melasma, brown birthmarks, and general darkening of skin are just a few examples of hyperpigmentation, caused by years of sun exposure. by an excess of pigment in one area. These types of problems are … Continue reading

CA dermatologist sheds light on laser treatment

Dr. Christopher Crosby at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic sheds light on laser treatment.

When the first laser was built in 1960, few people thought this innovation would become part of our everyday lives. Yet today we rely on laser technology at the grocery store checkout, to print from our computers, and to watch DVDs. Laser treatment has also become an essential component of skin care. Our dermatologists can explain laser therapies offered at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic in La Mesa, CA and answers concerns about safety.  Use of lasers in dermatology  Some practitioners invest in one laser and try to adapt it to many uses. Grossmont Dermatology takes a different approach. This highly-trained … Continue reading

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