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Several laser devices have been developed to address cosmetic concerns such as unwanted hair, sun damage, and loss of elasticity. We are pleased to offer all of the services our patients need to feel more vibrant and confident in their skin.

Active FX / Total FX™

This high-energy fractional CO2 laser improves the appearance of acne scars, brown spots, rough texture, and fine lines and wrinkles in just one treatment. The laser light is absorbed by dermal tissues creating near immediate tightening as collagen fibers contract. In the months following treatment collagen production is stimulated creating ongoing rejuvenation. The skin's surface is also affected, and may flake or peel for about a week. During this time, no makeup or harsh products should be applied. We will discuss post-treatment skin care during your consultation for laser treatment. With sun savvy practices such as wearing sunscreen every day, patients may lengthen the life of their beautiful skin by several years.

Laser resurfacing with Dr. Christopher Crosby

Have you felt that your skin is discolored; starting to get fine lines and wrinkles? Check with Dr. Christopher Crosby M.D., PH.D., F.A. A. D. from Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic and Grossmont Skin Center Treatment Center at La Mesa, CA to learn about Laser resurfacing Treatment which allows you to have glowing skin. What can you achieve with Laser Resurfacing? - Dramatic improvements in skin tone - Removing or improving dark spots - Remove discolorations on skin - Dramatically reduce the fine lines and wrinkles - Control the tone of hyper pigmentation and texture of skin.
Video Transcript
What is Laser Resurfacing?

There are several types of laser resurfacing which allows us to correct many aspects of the skin that concerns people. They can be any discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles that develops over time or with sun exposure etc.

Laser resurfacing, depending on the type of device that we use really allows to address almost all of these concerns very well.

Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

Most patients can be treated with Laser Resurfacing.

The type of laser that we use and what we treat varies somewhat on skin type. So anyone is a candidate for laser resurfacing as long as we use the right type of device and the correct protocol.

What can be achieved by Laser Resurfacing?

Through Laser Resurfacing you can achieve the following:

- Dramatic improvements in skin tone
- Removing or improving dark spots
- Remove discolorations on skin
- Dramatically reduce the fine lines and wrinkles
- Control the tone of hyper pigmentation and texture of skin

Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic offers solutions to your cosmetic concerns. Learn more about laser treatments by scheduling your consultation with us.

Aurora RF® & Polaris WR® Fotofacial

FotoFacial treatments are suited to individuals who want to improve the condition of their skin without taking time away from work or other activities. These minimal downtime laser procedures treat cosmetic concerns such as mild facial wrinkling and brown spots with radiofrequency, and intense pulsed light technologies.

Fotofacial treatments involve three to five sessions, during which radiofrequency energy is combined with intense pulsed light to improve skin discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. The improvements from treatment are the result of controlled heat that is absorbed by cells that produce collagen. Effects of treatment are both immediate and progressive, culminating in lasting, positive change.

*Ask us about our Treatment Packages.

GentleMax Pro™ Rejuvenation System®

Another minimal downtime laser treatment, the GentleMax Pro™, is an excellent treatment option for individuals who want to correct issues such as discoloration, sun spots, and age spots.

Improve Your Scars with Laser Resurfacing

In this video, Dr. Crosby explains how Laser resurfacing works on various types of scars. To discuss how it will work on your skin and scars call Dr. Christopher Crosby from Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic La Mesa, CA to learn more about Laser Resurfacing treatment.
Video Transcript
Can we improve scars using laser resurfacing?

Another common problem that we treat with laser resurfacing is improving scars. People have scars for many reasons, whether they had an accident, or they may have scars from other surgical procedures or acne.

Does laser resurfacing help with acne scars?

Acne scarring is a very large problem that I see in the practice and laser resurfacing is extremely valuable in improving those scars. We can get improvement with the types of pitted acne scars that patients have on their forehead, cheeks after having a history of severe acne.

Does laser resurfacing help to get rid of stretch marks?

It can certainly improve the types of stretch marks that patients have when they gain or lose weight, post-pregnancy, perhaps bodybuilder people that have changed their musculature, develop these stretch marks. We can get improvements in the appearance of the stretch marks with certain forms of laser resurfacing as well.

Does laser resurfacing improve Keloid scars?

Other types of scars patients can get are keloid scars, these are scars that increase in size from a relatively minor injury. We can use laser resurfacing to flatten or improve the texture and appearance of these scars.

Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic offers solutions to your Scars. Learn more about Laser resurfacing by scheduling your consultation with us. Call (855) 977-4949.

Iriderm Laser

We may suggest the Iriderm laser for the treatment of vascular lesions such as telangiectasia and angiomas. Broken capillaries on the face respond to heat from this laser by closing off and fading away in a matter of days. Aside from slight stinging during the procedure, there are no lingering side effects from treatment. Patients can go right back to work or other activities.

Vbeam® Laser

This laser device may be used to address concerns such as redness in scars, facial veins, rosacea, vascular birthmarks, red stretch marks, and angiomas. Essentially, any marks on the skin that are red can be treated with the Vbeam® pulsed dye laser. It works by sending yellow light directly to vessels beneath the skin. This causes coagulation and the subsequent fading of the redness.

Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic offers solutions to your cosmetic concerns. Learn more about laser treatments by scheduling your consultation with us.

Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic and Skin Cancer Treatment Center

Grossmont Dermatology is committed to providing patients with excellent quality skin treatments to help them preserve their youth. They use the latest technologies and treatment modalities to provide patients with the most effective services suiting their individual needs. The team of professionals at the practice comprise:

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